Bike rides & Pizza

Brett and I jumped at the weather being 35 degrees and took our bikes out for the first inaugural bike ride of the year. Usually this happens in February if you’re daring enough to dodge snow on the sidewalks. But not this year. We are on our 7th month with snow in it. Remember when it was really funny and snowed the day before our wedding last October? Yep, since then there has been some sort of snow sticking around. Regardless of snowbanks and piles of snow everywhere, we really enjoyed our night out of the house and biking through the streets!

How warm we looked starting out ↓3 seconds later after feeling the wind ↓

Somehow we ended up at Pizza Hut afterwards to redeem our free stuffed pizza rollers coupon.

We parked in front of the river, people watched and ate pizza  ↓

I love date night ♥

Happy Weekend!

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