.Jaci. {Minnesota Portrait Photographer}

I’m  so excited to blog this girl! Jaci is a good friend of mine and she’s honestly one of the best models I’ve had to privilege to work with-not even biased! Whenever my photographer friends and I get together- there are some pretty crazy ideas that come into play! But Jaci is and has always been up for anything. The last shoot we did with Jaci ended with her in a lake while it was raining! (PS: thanks Jaci.. ;D)

About Elisabeth Eden

Senior & Fashion photographer based in Fargo, North Dakota.

8 thoughts on “.Jaci. {Minnesota Portrait Photographer}

  1. What a stunning set of images. Love the one with Jaci sat on the chair and the last image. I wish I had such a fantastic friend and model like Jaci. You are so lucky!

  2. These are stunning! I got here through EW Couture on Facebook today. So glad I did. Can’t wait to spend some time browsing at more of your images. If these are a taste of what’s to come I’m sure I’m in for a treat.

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