.Jonathan and Marie. {Ft. Lauderdale Photographer}

Why, hello there. I love Florida. Florida always brings me beautiful couples and weddings to shoot! Here is Jon & Marie’s wedding from December. I knowwww. I am behind, but I made a little purchase that has kept me busy for a few months. More on that later ;D

ANYway, check out this adorable Ft. Lauderdale wedding! We had gorgeous weather all day and at the very end hit some dramatic rain falls..it was perfect for the beach shoot as you’ll see at the end. I have quite a few more photos I could show you so keep your eyes open for a slideshow later. Thanks for flying me down to shoot your wedding, Jonathan & Marie. You were the perfect hosts and made me feel right at home! ;D Enjoy!


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9 thoughts on “.Jonathan and Marie. {Ft. Lauderdale Photographer}

  1. these are amazing!! i love the emotion you convey with these beautiful snapshots in time!! im hooked on all your work!! keep it up 🙂

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