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Brett and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this week and those of you who follow my Instagram know we took a little getaway. (I’ll post some trip photos soon!) We stayed in a log cabin and exchanged letters and gifts by the fireplace with our little newborn. This year we went the sentimental route and *someone* cried when she opened her present.. I’ve got a thoughtful husband. My gift to him was this adorable new family portrait. I’ve gotten so many texts and messages asking who made this for us so I thought I should share on my website. Plus I can’t stop talking about this little piece of art and I owe the talented artist for making one of my favorite pictures ever!


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Her name is Kelsey and she owns Songbird Illustrations.



Her illustrations start at $60 and as a fellow artist, I can appreciate this part: she will deliver your art in 2 weeks.



Kelsey will send your portrait to you as a PDF and you are free to print it however you would like. I printed mine on 3mm gatorboard and I plan to use a bulldog clip inside a frame for hanging it on the wall.

Thank you so much for our portrait, Kelsey! PS: Adding the blanket we used for our wedding & anniversary pictures makes this loved a little more.. best surprise ever.





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