.Published. {North Dakota Featured Photographer}

I thought I’d share a recent publish with some of my photos! Actually, it’s been out for almost a year now but we all know how prompt I am with blogging…

The book is Click, The Ultimate Guide for Generation Now and is published by Amphoto Books. You can get a copy online or at Urban Outfitters- where the first 3 photos are taken! ;D

^The picture of legs was with my first digital point & shoot…I put it on timer and ran down the path and posed!

^ Gracey with one of the first pictures taken with my first DSLR. She has since gotten more teeth in!

About Elisabeth Eden

Senior & Fashion photographer based in Fargo, North Dakota.

6 thoughts on “.Published. {North Dakota Featured Photographer}

  1. WOW! That’s such a HUGE accomplishment! I’m hoping to work towards that someday. Did they contact you about putting your images in the book? Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. WOW, amazing! I love all your work! I am going through ALL your picture here on this blog, and I LOVE them! And now I get to know there’s a book…for beginners…it’s exactly what I need! I’m surely going to get it!

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