{The Baking Cup} Commercial Photography, Fargo, ND

How can shooting cupcakes be fun and rewarding? Hint: if you get to eat them afterwards. Don’t worry, I did. In fact, I have a couple leftover… and I take bribes. (JK. They’re mine!)

Carolina (owner of The Baking Cup) and I met up a few weeks ago to discuss desserts and business over coffee. She’s from Venezuela, has a great accent, gorgeous hair and she’s recently engaged. She’s the best! Anyway, along with shooting cupcakes for her, we discussed her helping me with this year’s Fall Party- the desserts I thought up are above and beyond my baking expertise. While we were talking, I couldn’t wait to try the cupcakes.. I mean shoot the cupcakes.

Carolina does an excellent job with the cupcake biz. They are sprinkled around town in various cafes and she also does weddings and parties. Her website is here.


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