for photographers

For information on upcoming speaking events and workshops, please contact me.

For equipment, I use:

• Canon 6D

•  Canon 5D Mark II

•  35mm 1.4 *** favorite ***

•  50mm 1.2 *** second favorite ***

•  24-70mm 2.8

•  Tilt Shift 45mm 2.8

•  70-200mm 2.8

•  15mm 2.8 Fisheye

•  Photoshop CS6

•  Lightroom 5


One thought on “for photographers

  1. Wow girl. The first one with the polka dot headscarf made my heart skip a beat. She is goureogs, and these images seem to suit her so perfectly .now to go get one of those divine jackets it’s my FAVE color!!!

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