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30A | Florida Panhandle

We’re home after nearly 2 months of traveling down south to warmer weather!

I’m going to share more about our trip in later posts, but I wanted to post a few photos from the Florida Panhandle since we spent most of our time there.

If you’re searching for a beautiful vacation spot, look up 30A! 30A is a beach road connecting tiny towns between Destin and Panama City. These towns have beautiful distinct styles and some of them feel like you’re walking down a European street!

The weather was in the 60s (which is honestly pretty warm for North Dakotans) and there were hardly any people on the white sand beaches. Perks of traveling during the off-season! Our rental had a discount if we stayed longer (another perk of traveling during the off-season) so we stayed for 4 weeks.

We look so forward to these winter trips and made lots of memories this year! We can’t wait to visit again <3

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