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My Gordmans Haul

A couple weeks ago I was invited to the Gordmans Grand Opening Tour. Our Fargo store was celebrating as Gordmans opened new stores around the country and I was sent on a shopping spree!

My finds for the house

I had never really shopped at Gordmans for home items, so I was excited to see what they had. Especially during the Grand Opening Tour. We were early so we hit the door prizes and ended up winning $$$ to put towards our purchase!

I started in the framed art section because being a photographer, I have plenty of framed photos around the house. And I like to think I’m an appreciator of all art, not just photography! 😝

I noticed this beautiful shadowbox art and immediately knew it was coming home with me. I love patterns and textures and this piece checks both boxes!

Next, I visited the garden and patio section and spotted two white planter pots. I love adding plants in each room because first of all, aesthetic. Second, they’re amazing. They even clean the air!

Pro tip: Put fake plants in kid rooms and real plants anywhere else. I spent a few days taking toy excavators out of potted plants!

Lastly, the kitchen aisle. I never leave it behind. One might wonder if I need more kitchen items, and the answer is YES.

I was already in the market for a new small skillet (we like omelettes and you definitely need nonstick pans for those) and after seeing the price, I grabbed a larger skillet too. The small skillet was $9.98 and the large was $11.98!

I love the neutral colors of these skillets AND they’re washable in the dishwasher. The handles LOOK like real wood, but they’re dishwasher safe. A huge selling point for this busy mama!

Got It At Gordmans

If you haven’t been to Gordmans recently, hopefully you’re convinced to visit again! Find the closest store to you here: https://stores.gordmans.com/

This post was sponsored by Specialty Retailers, Inc.

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