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Life According to my iPhone

Antiquing with friends and lots of jewels ↓

My friend Heidi bought me a gold flower-y ring ↓My finds ↓

Whenever my little sisters are hanging out with us, we end up at Taco Bell. PS: $10 for all that ↓

Pretty light. And I spy the very first flowers my husband gave me ↓

It’s finally nice enough out to work outside and found this beauty for the front porch ↓

Dinner with a new friend to discuss shoots for her bridal line. She Instagrams her food too↓

Brett & I got all dressed up to have fancy two-bite desserts here ↓

The porch updated with swirly trees. Ignore the pink Monster… I have no idea whose that is…. ↓

Mochas on the porch sofa since it was freezing but we still wanted to be outside ↓

Brett surprised me with an iPad mini ♥ ↓The groundbreaking for the new dorm building.

Dad explaining the next step as the Administrative & Academic Deans look on ↓

House hunting with my brother and sister in law somehow ended up at the pizza place down the street ↓

We picnicked in the back yard and white little me got too much sun for the first of the year… chills:(  ↓

Jared & Michele grilled potatoes and Brett made us Philly Cheesesteaks. I bought the Cream Soda! ↓

Happy Birthday Dad! ↓

Brett is obviously camera shy ↓

Happy 7 months of marriage, husband ♥

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