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Supercross, food & junk

Last weekend Brett and I left town for Supercross. Brett has done this racing stuff since he was a kiddo and I have not. Supercross was my first dirtbike event of any sort and I made sure to buy a Fox hat so I didn’t stick out too much… kind of worked and kind of not. I still felt very out of place! What can I say… I’m part nerd, part photographer and pretty girly. Regardless of the cold and wet weather, we had a great time. The final race was so exciting! I was screaming so loud I couldn’t attach the video I took for fear of your future hearing. Brett’s racing number has always been 5 and he rides an orange KTM and the same exact number and bike ended up winning 1st place. Sadly though, the guy’s name was not Brett.

All photos taken with iPhone 5. Didn’t feel like lugging around a big camera..


You know you want to laugh. It’s okay.. ↓

What? We really are this tough. All the time ↓

Until I find a heart shaped dill pickle chip… then I soften and have to take a picture. ↓

Baby dirtbikes are so cute! ↓

We took a little break from the race practices and found this place a few blocks away. I spy Brett ↓

Then we continued walking and found a little coffee shop to warm up in ↓

Free coffee I scored at Caribou in Mall of America. It pays to listen up while standing in line ↓

A  festival was happening so we stopped in a learned how to write a Chinese symbol with a brush! ↓Then Brett surprised me with a rose the next morning ↓So in my gratefulness, I allowed him to take me to Anthropologie. He was overjoyed ↓Of course we couldn’t leave the area without stopping at the best junk shop around, Hunt & Gather ↓They’ve recently added a book section with lots of cool cards and stationary stuff ↓We ate at the Cheesecake Factory before heading back home.. warning: nachos are huge there ↓

Thanks honey for the fun getaway and for taking me along to the races! I’m up for making it a tradition : )

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