A Creative Agency for the Dedicated Entrepreneur 

You’re tired of trying to figure out your fancy camera, and forget trying to get the images uploaded to your instagram. You know a growing business needs a website, but you have no idea where to start. Introducing The Eden Collective: A creative agency for busy Entrepreneurs.

As Entrepreneurs we wear a million different hats, and sometimes, we don't have the time to create a beautiful brand, design a great website, or curate a cohesive Instagram feed. For the bosses that hustle and work tirelessly to build their company, The Eden Collective wants your brand to show it. We're here for the Entrepreneurs who want their brand to reflect the spirit and hard work they've put into creating an amazing service or product.

With Elisabeth's talent for photography + design, and Brett’s passion for videography, together they created The Eden Collective, a creative agency for driven entrepreneurs who desire a visually cohesive and beautiful brand.

Create a brand you can be proud of. 

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