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The Five Apps I Use Daily

I love reading about everyone’s favorite apps so I thought I’d share my own. Most of these are social media related, but there’s a little life-changing gem at the end too!

1. Instagram

If you know me at all, this is a very obvious starter for my list! Instagram is my most used app, and although I’d love to say it’s because I’m a content creating machine, I really just like looking at all your photos! 🙂

If you’re new to social media (I know this group exists because my dad is part of it), download Instagram and have fun. Also, brace yourself for losing track of time.

2. Lightroom

If you’re a photographer (hi, friends!), you’re probably in Lightroom daily.

But there’s also a Lightroom app for non-photographers! The Lightroom app is free to use and it’s user-friendly. Plus there are presets that allow you to edit an entire photo with one click. My favorite thing to do is hold my thumb down on my newly edited photo to see a before and after!

PS: I include some of our favorite presets with The Eden Collective, our monthly content membership.


So UNUM is first of all, FREE. And second, hard to pronounce. The actual pronunciation is honestly still up in the air for me.

(oo-num? you-um? uh-num? help.)

UNUM allows you to upload your future Instagram photos along with your current grid. If you like maintaining a cohesive stream, you will LOVE this. UNUM allows you to see future posts, and determine whether or not they mesh with your current content.

You can also add captions and hashtags and schedule reminders to post. UNUM also allows easy logging in and out, in case you are the proud owner of 2+ accounts and need to switch between them.

UNUM allows minor edits as well, but I typically do those in Instagram (after Lightroom, of course).

4. Unfold

One of my most asked questions on Instagram: How do you make your stories pretty?

The Unfold app! This app is free to download, but prepare to be tempted with purchasing new snazzy templates. They’re honestly worth it.

You can create pretty stories with Unfold by just dropping photos in and adding text. Unfold is great for multiple images too! I love creating quick collages of my content shoots to feature in my stories.

5. Relax Melodies

And lastly, a NOT-social-media-related app! Relax Melodies does exactly what it says. It plays relaxing music or sounds and will keep playing until you stop it. No ads, no pauses.

You can choose from all kinds of instruments or nature sounds, or you can mesh a few options into a new melody.

I like playing ocean sounds along with white noise. I fall asleep to this app every night!

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